Amarre’s POV 4.0

Amarre’s POV 4.0


When Jay told me the news about the baby coming, I was very happy for him and Reagan. For months, I’ve been trying to convince my brother that we should sell Avenue in Brooklyn and open another Tomo in Miami. Jay is a co-owner in our business and I can’t sell Avenue without him. Now, that he’s going to be a daddy, I think he’ll warm up to the idea of selling Ave since that will mean he doesn’t have to travel to New York so much anymore.

Usually I wouldn’t want to open another club so soon, but Tomo IP would be two years old by the time Miami opened. I’ve considered the pros and cons of opening a new club and the pros outweigh the cons. After considering the investment costs, it just made good business sense to do it now. I had real estate connections down in Florida. One of my business associates, Matt Parker was holding onto a prime location for a club for me. He can’t hold onto it forever. This particular location wouldn’t always be available to us.

We were doing very well in our business. Tomo was doing better than our first year expectations. Avenue continued to bring in impressive numbers, but to be honest, I was tired of dealing with it. I was only interested in building and investing in high end clubs like Tomo. We attracted several celebrities we knew to Ave, but I wanted to focus on a different kind of environment. Jay’s been tackling more of the business side at Tomo since he got married. He didn’t want to spend too many late nights here as often. I understood that and I was glad he was doing more, even if that meant he wasn’t playing host as much.


That’s the other thing, now that Jay and Reagan are expecting, I’ve had to totally re-work my plans. I was counting on Jay to be right there with me once he got off the fence and on board with Miami. Now, I know that won’t be the case with a baby coming. I didn’t like the thought of taking on such a huge project like this without my brother and business partner, but it was vital that I push ahead. Time wasn’t on my side to secure the location for the club. With everything happening, I was looking at an open date around the end of next year, which was a few months later than I was aiming for.


I would have to hire on more people to take on more responsibilities to make up for the lack of Jay’s involvement. A bigger club meant a bigger staff and costs. I liked keeping the bulk of business operations for myself. Not just anyone could come off the street and do what I do. I usually don’t work with people I didn’t know, or had prior knowledge of. Fortunately, there were a few associates I knew from business school that had previous club experience. I was considering hiring one or two to my team.

We recently hired a general manager to oversee the day to day operations of here on IP, so I could focus more of my time in Miami. Jayson, one of my closest friends has been instrumental in my expansion plans. He’s in charge of all marketing and communications. Up until recently, Jayson was our main promoter. We decided he would focus more on direct marketing and handling VIP guests of the clubs. I brought in one of my other promoters from New York to take over from Jayson.



I needed to focus on work right now, but I was having problems in my personal life that were taking my attention away from my business plans. Martina and I have had issues for months now. There’s hardly a day that goes by she isn’t complaining how we never see each other. We were able to spend a little time in Miami after the wedding, but that was a few months ago. I’m busier than ever with my clubs and my schedule will only get crazier as time goes by.

“I’m so sick of your lying, Amarre. You tell me we’ll have some time to spend together or go away for a weekend, but no, it’s the same old bullshit. You have to work, you gotta meeting, you need to go out of town. I’m tired of it! I feel like I’m in a relationship by myself,” shouted Martina, in anger. I shook my head, this was getting old quick. “I haven’t lied to you about anything, you need to stop. You know how important my business is to me and how much I have to do in order to run it. I told you from jump my work takes a lot of my time,” I calmly replied.


Martina’s brow was furrowed and her face was balled up in anger. “Yes, you do! You lie about everything. When you break promises you tell me you’re going to keep, that is a lie!”she yelled. “No, it isn’t. Do you actually think I make plans with you and intentionally break them? No, it’s because other important things come up that need my attention,” I said. “Oh, things that are more important than me? Maybe you’re not even all business all the time on your trips like you say,” said Martina. “What the hell do you mean by that?” I asked. I knew what she was implying, because she’s said something similar in the past.


Martina is very insecure and paranoid, she acts like she doesn’t trust me. “Maybe, you’re screwing around on me. Is there another woman, Amarre? There better not be some other woman in your life!” shouted Martina. “Unbelievable. When would I even have time to cheat if I wanted to?” I asked.  Oh, there’s all kinds of ways you can make time. Girls are constantly around you. How am I supposed to know you ain’t up to anything out there?” Martina demanded to know. I rubbed at my temple. It was too early in the morning to be fighting about this. “Cause I’m telling you, Martina. There isn’t anyone else, okay? You know I love you. I’m getting really tired of having this same damn fight with you. Bottom line is, I can’t get away from work right now. I don’t like not seeing you either, but that’s the way it has to be right now,” I said.



Once Martina found out that Reagan was having a baby, our arguments got worse. “Yeah, so now that Reagan got herself knocked up, our relationship has to suffer? You’re picking up Jay’s slack because they all of a sudden wanted a baby? I thought this was your business together. How come you have to do all the work?” asked Martina.

“Look, Jay is doing what he’s supposed to do as far as our club goes. No, he hasn’t been involved with the expansion plans and I don’t expect him to now with baby on the way. My brother didn’t purposely go out and start a family just to get out of the expansion,” I replied. Martina rolled her eyes. “Right, he probably knocked that heffa up on purpose so you could continue doing the hard work while he reaps the benefits!” yelled Martina.

“You need to freeze, Martina. You don’t know my brother like that to be speaking on him. Like, I told you in the past, Jay is carrying his weight with the club. He’s not involved with Miami at this point. You need to stop being selfish,” I replied. “Selfish? How am I being selfish? Just because I want to see my man more than every other week? You’re doing all of this to fatten your wallet and grow your stupid brand while you expect me to sit here, waiting on your ass!” shouted Martina.


“Hold up, fatten my wallet? If it wasn’t for what was in my wallet, you wouldn’t have a roof over your head. Maybe you should get a hobby and stop worrying so much about what I’m doing. Don’t disrespect my brand like that, I’ve worked my ass off to get my business where it is now and I’ll continue to work my ass off to get it to the next level. Don’t act like this is all new to you!” I replied. “Don’t give me that! I shouldn’t expect for you to act like a boyfriend just cause you’re paying my rent? You don’t even care that I’m stuck in this stupid house all the time, while you’re off doing who knows what,” replied Martina. I shook my head. “I’m not even going to acknowledge that, we’re not going down this road again. I don’t have to explain myself to you when I have told you time and again what’s going on,” I said.

“Whatever, Papi. I just know if you loved me, you would make time for me. I come last on your list behind everything and everyone. You expect me to wait on you and your little “life” timetable, while the rest of the world goes on. You and your brother are supposed to be business partners, but he’s off living a full fledged life we should be living. Jaylen made a commitment to Reagan and put a ring on it. Now they’re having a baby. She’s getting everything from him you know I want, while I get the scraps of bullshit you leave behind,”said Martina. There was nothing I could say to Martina. She’s going to think and believe anything she wants. She constantly compares our relationship to my brother’s with Reagan. I have told her time and again that we are not Jay and Reagan. What’s going on with them has nothing to do with us.


Martina was already complaining to me about our relationship for months, but things got worse when Jay proposed. With the baby coming, Martina was angrier and more jealous than ever. It’s not that I didn’t want kids one day, but just not right now. I have too many things going on in my life. I want to accomplish a whole lot more before settling down. I’ve always kept it one hundred with Martina and I never lied to her about who I was. If she thought she was going to guilt-trip me into something, she had another think coming. I loved Martina, but she knew what was up from jump. Either she was going to have to find a way to deal with it, or I just couldn’t see how this relationship is going to work.


8 thoughts on “Amarre’s POV 4.0

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  2. I don’t like the way Martina’s trying to blame Reagan and Jay for some of her issues with Amarre, but I don’t blame her for being upset either. He says he loves her, but still refuses to introduce her to his parents and they barely spend anytime together. I also feel like Amarre, Martina, Reagan, and Jaylen need to sit down and now that a baby is coming into the family and if Amarre plans on staying with Martina she’s going to be around the baby too.

    • Thanks for reading and commenting. Martina did get to meet his parents shortly after Rea and Jay were engaged. That was in Amarre’s POV 2.0

      Martina will have her own POV in the near future and shed a little light on the situation with Amarre’s parents.

      She’ll also talk about her own upbringing and her relationship.

      Thanks again for your comments.

  3. I can see where Martina is coming from, but she shouldn’t compare her relationship with Jay and Reagan’s relationship. Amarre and Jay are twins, but they have different ways of doing things. I think it’s good that Amarre works hard, but he’s going to have to take a closer look at his priorities. I honestly don’t even know if Martina or Amarre will stick around in their relationship. Hopefully they’ll work it out.

  4. Amarre and his plans are so annoying lol. You can not plan out life, it happens. He is going to learn that really soon. I feel bad for Martina, I really do. She shouldn’t have to put her life on pause for Amarre. She may have known what it was from the get go, but it doesn’t make it easy.

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