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This is a secondary blog to my main blog Reagan Leeds: Run The World. Periodically, I will post outtakes, other character POV’s and stories that do not fit into Reagan’s story. Mostly, this will be a place I post updates about Reagan’s cousin Briah De-Sai  who is now a main character in Reagan’s story. Because Briah has such a rich background, I could not fit everything about her life into Reagan’s story, it would not be fair to either one of them.  I hope you enjoy reading about Briah, her family and boyfriend Apollo from time to time. Whenever I have an update on Briah, I will post links on Reagan’s blog.

I have started a short story based on Reagan’s other cousin, Jade De-sai who shows up in chapter 30 of Reagan’s story.  This is what I consider a mini short side story. Jade has her voice and I thought it would be fun to write for her occasionally. Thanks a lot and Happy Simming!


***The content in this story is mature

***Some language & adult content, no nudity







What About Jade?

Jade De-Sai, a cousin of Reagan Leeds was born and raised in Miami, FL. Jade is a party girl and is known on the Miami club scene. Jade has dated different guys at different times, but never falling in love. The game’s has switched up on Jade, ever since she met Jayson Tuoua. She wasn’t looking for anything serious when she agreed to be in her cousin’s wedding and then out of nowhere, Jade and Jayson discovered they liked each other and began dating. The main problem that stands in their way is distance. Jade lives in Miami and Jayson lives several hundred miles away on IP. Jade must decide if her relationship is capable of withstanding the distance, despite every obstacle the pops up along the way.





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